Goza Means Enjoy!

True to its name, we've crafted a tequila that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Double distilled
Triple filtered to perfection
AROMA: Sweet with a hint of mint
TASTE: Vanilla, tropical fruit, clean


Aged for 6 months in oak barrels
Goza Reposado is where Blanco Meets Anejo
AROMA: Caramel, vanilla, honey-oak
TASTE: Complex, smooth, bold


Aged for a year in white oak barrels
Goza Añejo is our most complex, smooth offering
AROMA: Warm, deep, cinnamon
TASTE: Rich complexity, brown spice, honey

Goza is Full of Options

Goza – a night in with a loved one, or to Goza – a night out with friends, Goza is here to help you Enjoy and That’s exactly what Goza means… Enjoy!

Tequila for Any Occasion

Goza will accompany any flavor of occasion, and provide you with a smooth refreshing taste; That is not commonly found in Tequila.

Every Bottle Has Its Story

Click on the bottles below to choose a story and see where the night Goza!

The Bachelorette Night
Just Hanging With My Buds
An Intimate Night In

12 Girls Will Goza

We piled into the limo prepared for a wild night, because it was about her and celebrating the transition from single to married.

Singing With Goza

We were ready to sing our hearts out after someone suggested Tequila Jello shots, the shots sounded great, but we didn’t!

Me, My Girls, & Goza

The rest of the night is between me, my girls and Goza… Best Night Ever!!!

A Day To Goza

It was the perfect start to a beautiful day with friends. John brought the new guy, at first we were skeptical, but he came bearing gifts of cocktail delights!

Goza Playing Bull Shit

I hadn't played B.S. since college. Someone suggested it after we had already had a few cocktails, let’s just say the cheating started immediately!

New Friend To Goza

Just when we thought the night was over, another round was suggested. Cheers to a great night with friends, food, laughs, and our new friend… Goza!

Tequila For Two

Going out wasn't the answer, staying home was. The flowers were lovely, but the Goza was delicious!

A Splash Of Goza

We decided to appease our taste-buds and create a fun concoction, mixing it with Goza was perfect.

End The Night With Goza

Even though our Friday night was meant to end early, nothing stopped us from a cozy nightcap in front of a warm fire!

Your Goza Story

Be part of our Goza revolution, smooth and refined tequila made just for you!

Upload Your Goza

Submit your pictures of your Goza night so we can add it to our Goza story gallery.

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